Frequently Asked Questions

​​Catering Questions

What cities or areas do you service?
We have catered in Ft Scott, Parsons, Jolly Mill, Pineville, Miami, all around. It depends on the event, number of guests and special circumstances. If you are located outside the Joplin area, let’s talk.
There is no kitchen where my event is being held, can you still cater?
More than likely we can! Please let us know where your event is being held when you give us your event details so we can address the logistics and any possible issues.
What are your prices? 
This question is one of the toughest to answer without further information from the client. We can work with small or very large parties and the answer would differ largely.  Give us more information like the venue your looking into, the guest count, how formal you want your reception to be and what kind of food service you’re contemplating. 
It’s ok if you don’t have all those answers set in stone, but even the tiniest of ideas in your head about your wedding day will help us give you a more accurate basic quote.
Do you have special pricing for kids?
We charge half the adult per person price for children between the ages of 4 and 12. Children 3 and under are nnot counted
I would like to compare quotes with other caterers, how can I do this?
Caterers may provide quotes in different ways; we recommend you get a full description of what is included and what is extra and do your comparisons with all of the information to achieve an accurate comparison.
Do you charge a deposit?
A nonrefundable deposit of $250 will hold your date. This is applied to the balance due for your event.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit cards and local checks

Can I customize my catering package?
Absolutely! We will work with you to create the catering menu that suits you best. You can mix dishes from different menu packages, choose action stations, opt to select hors d'oeuvres only - basically you can pretty much create any assortment of items you'd like for your menu. We can also customize your package by adding bar services, rentals you need, and even entertainment & activities.
Do you offer tastings so I can try items ahead of time?
At this time, we do not do individual tastings, however…we will schedule a time during a time we are preparing for an event to have you pick up a complimentary to go box
Do you require a deposit to hold my date?
Yes, deposits are required for catered events held at our venue and away. The deposit is $250 and this comes off the balance due the day of the event. Otherwise deposits are not refundable. Some events may require a larger deposit due to rentals, etc. We’ll be happy to discuss it.
How do I make payment?
We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Payments may be made in person, through the mail or over the phone.
When do you need my final guest count/guarantee?
We require your final guest guaranteed number seven days prior to your event. We will prepare for 5% over that. If the number of guests exceeds your guaranteed amount you will be charged for the additional guests.
When can I make changes to my menu?
Menus must be finalized 10 days prior to your event
How far in advance do I need to book?
If you know your event date, we recommend you book to save your date as soon as possible. Some months fill up quickly, and weekends any time of year are especially busy. Once you pay your deposit, your date is locked in & on our calendar.
Are there any dates you do not cater?
Yes, we make sure our employees are off to spend time with their families on Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and any other day where we are already fully booked.
Is there a minimum number of guests you will cater to?
We generally do not “cater” events of less than 30 people. That is provide chafers, equipment, china, service staff, etc. but we can provide delivery of any meal you would like to order for 15 guests or more in the Joplin area. When you complete our online inquiry form, please note the number of guests you anticipate & we will let you know if we can accommodate your event.
If I need to cancel my event, what is your cancellation policy?
Any deposits made are non-refundable if your event cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to your event. Should you want to reschedule, of course the deposit will go towards the new date.
How long is the food service?
Hours of food service vary depending on the menu & event. We will discuss with you the hours of your specific event during your consultation.
Do you have any other services to offer?
We are happy to arrange event rentals such as guest tables, seating, linens, chair covers, china, tents - almost everything you can think of! We can also arrange entertainment services like a DJ, Emcee, & bounce houses. Just let us know what you need & we will include those items in your catering package quote.
I would like a bar at my event, what kind of bar packages do you offer, what does it cost, and what are the guidelines?
Some venues do not allow bar services or do not permit alcohol on the premises and some will allow you to have beer and wine only. Almost all the venues require the alcohol to be served by a licensed vendor, so please inquire about that beforehand.  
We can match our level of service to your expectations when you answer a few questions like: Do you want a champagne toast?  Do you want a specialty cocktail?  What types of wines do you like?  Will you be paying for all the drinks or a potion thereof, or will it be a cash bar? Between all of the different types and brands of alcohol and sodas, your ability to customize your bar is quite endless.
We are licensed to cater alcohol in Missouri only and are required to obtain a permit for each event we cater with alcohol. The permit requires 20 days to obtain so it is very important to know u front if you are wanting alcohol served at your event. If permitted, we can provide the venue with a copy of our Liquor Liability Insurance & Alcohol Permit.
I’m planning on providing the alcohol at my event. Will your staff serve it?
For liability reasons, our staff can only serve alcohol if our company is providing it. If you are providing the alcohol, you can hire someone to bartend or allow guests to serve themselves.
Do your services include cleaning during and after the event?
Our staff will maintain all food stations throughout the event to ensure cleanliness & will bus tables during the event. While at other venues, they are also responsible for cleaning their prep & kitchen area, removing trash, & breaking down & collecting most items rented through us such as china, chairs, tables, tents, etc.
If you’d like to have us provide additional staff to clean up after your catered event let us know and we can include that in your quote.
Is your company licensed and insured?
Yes, we have all licenses, permits & insurances that are required to prepare & serve food & beverages. And we also possess a Missouri Cater Liquor License, which allows us to provide alcoholic beverages state-wide. We can provide you &/or your event space or company with a copy of these if they are not already on file.
How is your staff attired during my catered event?
Our servers, bartenders and kitchen staff wear black pants, black button shirts (long or short sleeve depending on the weather) and non-slip shoes.
Do you charge a cake cutting fee?
No, cake cutting, plating is included in our wedding packages. We also provide disposable cake plates, paper napkins and clear plastic forks.
What is the difference between Delivery Catering and Event Catering?
The word catered means different things to different people. When you order a catered meal from us…our staff will setup the buffet, there will be buffet line tablecloths, chafers and fuel to keep food hot, restaurant quality serving utensils and bowls, all the condiments required for your meal, disposable foam plates (or upgraded plastic), disposable cutlery, paper napkins, clear plastic drink cups, stir sticks, sweeteners and ice, when applicable.
With Delivery Catering, we deliver the prepared food in foil pans, it is kept hot or cold during delivery depending on the menu. You are responsible for setting up and cleaning up. This is a great option for a casual party or office lunch. We can provide disposables for an extra cost.
Catering/Banquet Leftovers
When we cater your event, we bring pans to leave you the leftovers or we can donate to a local shelter. Having said that, please read the Food Safety section below.
Food Safety
Our food is guaranteed fresh and highest quality upon serving and/or arrival. We do not recommend that food be left out for people to “graze” on more than 1 hour as it greatly diminishes the flavor, quality, and safety. We accept no responsibility for poor food safety after we leave the food. Please consider the well being of your guests and appoint someone to be in-charge of either refrigerating or disposing of leftovers.
What additional charges are not in the per person price?
Sales tax of 6.95%, delivery charges when applicable, and for catered events a $29 per server gratuity.
Are there delivery Charges?
For events delivered or catered outside the Joplin, Webb City or Carl Junction area, $1 per mile past the city limits depending on the event. As always, each event is custom so depending on the size and location of event these charges may not apply. Please let us quote your event before deciding.
What if I want just appetizers at my reception?
We can do that, but depending on the time of day, say if the wedding is scheduled between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 p.m., generally you can anticipate the need to have more substantial food available. It isn’t so much what the guests expect, as it is the natural time for dinner that causes this.
How many wait staff will I need? 
This will vary depending on your food service style and your guest count, but if you’re doing a buffet served meal, we recommend four servers per hundred guests to keep up with filling the tea and water pitchers and bussing plates timely.

If you have any other questons, please call or email us.
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